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Why black women have fewer wrinkles. (less sun damage)

Citation: The Edell Health Letter, Oct 1991 v10 n9 p5(1)

Subjects: African American women Physiological aspects
Skin Wrinkles

Reference #: A11469156

Full Text COPYRIGHT Hippocrates Inc. 1991

Two dermatologists in Beaverton, Oregon, have finished a study that explains why African-American women tend to have fewer wrinkles than white women do. Put simply, they wrinkle less because dark skin is better able to resist sun damage.

The dermatologists compared the facial skin of 19 black and 19 white women and found that the cells in black skin are not only less susceptible to sun damage, they also repair themselves more efficiently when damage does occur. This doesn't mean that African-Americans are safe from the sun. The study also found that black women who spent lots of time in the sun had many more wrinkles than their sun-shy sisters.

Pass the sunscreen all around!



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