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The following papers are on hyperbaric oxygen, ingredients used in the products and relevant subjects. These papers are for those who are interested in further exploring this subject.



- Reactive Oxygen Species in Living Systems
- Free Radicals
- Hyperbaric Oxygen - More Than Most Doctors Realize
- Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
- Oxygen Emulsion and Sunbeds
- Scar Formation
- Hyperbaric Oxygen and Foot Ulcers
- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Oxygen
- Hydrogen Peroxide & Cellular Regulation
- Free Radicals, Antioxidants and Human disease
- Vitamin E and Free Radicals
- Common Problems of Aging Skin
- Beta Glucan
- Beta Glucan and Black Skin
- Hyaluronic Acid-More Than Moisturizing
- Oxygen Controversy
- Best Protection under the Sun
- Article on AHA's

- June 1995 Presentation (Dermal Clinical Evaluation Society. Dr. Harry Elden, Ph.D. & Ted Kalli)
- Beta Carotene (Some excerpts from various published papers)
- Hydrogen Peroxide Emulsion (Dr. Harry Elden, Ph.D. & Ted Kalli DCI Magazine, August, 1995.)
- Management of acne vulgaris

- Aging Skin
- Why Black Women have fewer wrinkles
- HIV-Related Fatigue and HBO Therapy



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